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program services

Every community is unique. Every need is unique. My programs are customized to bring positive and measurable change to each community we serve. Academics, non-profits, private sector businesses and individual investors gain the in-depth insight, program planning, and education needed to turn their program vision into success.  

By combining strong connections with community, civic and corporate leaders with intimate local knowledge and strategic partnerships, the programs have helped communities secure investments, create awareness of needs, and improve policies; all while upholding the rich history and diversity of an area.

Interested stakeholders are provided an in-depth research report on community of choice.  Report provides detailed analysis of community using demographic, ethnographic, sociographic, and economic data of selected area and can help with decision making on involvement and investment.  

Recommended community plan to support growth initiatives of selected area.  Plan helps stakeholders understand scope of project(s) to consider, investment opportunities, potential partnerships and detailed tactical plans of initiatives.

Strategic Community Program

Development & Planning


Research & Insight

Ongoing tracking of program progress and results to ensure objectives are being met and return on investment is being achieved. Tracking metrics can be shared as frequently as desired. 

Available to present at conferences, symposiums and conventions, digitally, and onsite (stores, museums, exhibitions, etc) in areas of expertise that include:  globalization, segregation, slavery, historic preservation, reinvesting in communities, community programs and partnerships, as well as share major projects and success stories.   

Knowledge Share:

Speaking Engagements & Onsites

Program Tracking:

Forecasting and ROI

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