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Racism in Education in New Jersey with Professor Walter Greason
The Social Academic from Jennifer van Alstyne

Racism in Education in New Jersey with Professor Walter Greason

Professor Walter Greason returns to The Social Academic to talk about racism in education in New Jersey. He opens up about how he responds to negative comments and questions on social media. Have you seen the new Black Panther Wakanda Forever trailer yet? It's all in this featured interview. Dr. Walter Greason @wgreason is the leading academic expert on Black and Indigenous historic preservation as well as Afrofuturism and the Black Speculative Arts Movement. He is a professor of history and chairs the Department of History at Macalester College, one of the best liberal arts colleges in the world. Welcome to The Social Academic YouTube channel, an extension of my blog about managing your online presence in the HigherEd world. I’m Jennifer van Alstyne (@HigherEdPR). I help faculty, researchers, and organizations share their work with the world. Especially in online spaces like websites and social media. ----------------------------------------- More from The Academic Designer LLC Schedule a no pressure Zoom call with Jennifer to talk about working together on your online presence Sign up for emails from Jennifer ----------------------------------------- Social Media LinkedIn Twitter Instagram Facebook
Walter Greason | Sojourners Trail: The First Afrofuturist Classroom Game
MSU Digital Humanities

Walter Greason | Sojourners Trail: The First Afrofuturist Classroom Game

Walter Greason | Monmouth University, USA *Note*: During the presentation, the live interpretation cut over the presenter's sound briefly. The video has been edited to remove the section of presentation affected by this issue. As a result, 30 seconds at the beginning of the presentation were lost. Before the pandemic, educational technology could be considered a luxury. Educators no longer have that option. Digital puzzles and games have become an integral part of daily instruction. Sojourners Trail represents the next generation of immersive, digital simulations for every level of education. Starting with the Wakanda Syllabus in 2016 and based on the subsequent educational text, Cities Imagined, Sojourners Trail allows instructors to use principles of user experience design and digital humanities to explore the Black Speculative Arts Movement with their students. Additionally, as these learning communities explore the simulated environment, they experience lessons from world history, critical theory, and post-colonial literature. Initially presented at the Australia and New Zealand American Studies Association meeting in 2019, the initial version of the game inspired new ways to excite students about the learning process, while giving them ownership of the development of new content. The beta launch of the game in August 2020 attracted millions of users, and the initial guide to the game will be released in December 2020. The final version of the game as a 3D augmented and virtual reality system will be available in 2022. Moving beyond the standard game play environments like Minecraft and Fortnite, Sojourners Trail provides instructors with ways to deliver advanced and emerging academic content across disciplines. The audience for this presentation will learn how to create their own immersive simulations as well as how to develop specific platforms like Sojourners Trail. The concept for the system started with Bowdoin University’s “Flight to Freedom” simulation based on abolitionist narratives written by African Americans in the nineteenth century. More recent breakthroughs like Damian Duffy and John Jennings’ Kindred and Parable of the Sower graphic novels have enabled graphic and digital arts to inform new innovations. The process of creating Sojourners Trail combined aspects of Marvel Studios’ Black Panther film and Netflix’s Black Mirror: Bandersnatch production. It offers ways to combine literary analysis with graphic art design, while advancing strategies for media convergence. Access the game at: For more information about the 2021 Global DH Symposium visit


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