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benefits of

getting involved

Connection. Growth. Leadership. 


While much of my work today is focused on historical preservation as a means for reinvestment in communities, both academics and private sector partners are also finding many useful benefits of the program- whether for creating meaningful connections with communities and leaders to improving their own employer brand and retention. Either way, community involvement is a powerful way to bring positive change to communities in which you educate or operate your business. Whether in academia or in the private sector, you can begin to get involved. 

Academics and Educators

Through my interdisciplinary reach, educators and academics, are able to connects with millions of faculty and students in conversations about democracy, capitalism, and digital markets in global context- thus, elevating the discussion/debate, introducing new perspectives and helping create influence. Academics and educators can also request research, share expertise, and participate by helping conduct research and increasing the capacity and efficiency of our research teams.  


For non-profits, I am happy to provide added bandwidth, resources and insight to support your current initiatives. Additionally, non-profits can also take advantage of my wide network of relationships across academia, politics and the private sectors.


Corporate/ Private Sector 

For corporate/private sector partners, the benefits for corporate community involvement provides many positive returns to local charitable organizations and neighborhoods and can boost company performance indicators, such as reputation and employee engagement.  

Corporate community involvement programs also provides companies with a platform for increasing visibility of its brand, marketing of products, employee competencies, and your firm's values. Companies that use corporate citizenship to strengthen community partnerships are not only able to foster a workplace culture deepens employee commitment, but are also able to build enduring relationships in the communities within which they do business, a quality that benefits both companies and communities alike.

Through our program's efforts, our partners have experience substantial return on investment- typically between 70% and 4000%), in addition to increased marketing visibility. 

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