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April 4-18, 2022

Time Zone Protocols

Dr. Walter Greason is featured.


February-March 2022

in affiliation with Carnegie Hall Festivals

Take a journey to the world of Afrofuturism.


Truth, History and the 1619 Project

Downloadable PDF.


FEBRUARY 5, 2022
Black Towns Roundtable

Featured speaker


FEBRUARY 10-12, 2022
Future Black America 

featured speaker

The Future of Wealth in the African Diaspora


COMING IN MARCH: STEM Stories: Energizing New Scientists  

in affiliation with Chapters International 

The study of science is the key to increasing freedom over time.

Image by Shahadat Rahman

COMING IN MARCH: Virtual Reality Training Program for Educators 

in affiliation with Mursion 

From professional development for faculty to market preparedness for graduates, use immersive simulations across disciplines to increase competence and self-efficacy.


Racism and Reconstruction in New Jersey

Dr. Walter Greason will contextualize this history and the waves of political reconstruction that have shaped New Jersey’s race relations. He will also discuss the future of racism and equality in our state.


DC Confirms return of Milestone to Comics in 2021

Stay tuned for more! 


Sojourners Trail:

Using Digital Platforms for Black Histoy

 A collaborative, virtual simulation, Sojourner's Trail allows students to explore an infinite variety of spaces and places across the African diaspora.


A Love Letter to Count Basie

Exhibit, September 26

The T. Thomas Fortune Cultural Center will reopen its doors with the long-awaited exhibit, A Love Letter to Count Basie: From The Great Migration to The Harlem Renaissance. This is the first time the Count Basie collection will be shared publicly since its 2018 acquisition by the Institute for Jazz Studies, the world’s foremost jazz research center, located on the campus of Rutgers University – Newark.


Freeing New Jersey's Students from Debt

September 24, 6pm

With borrows of color shouldering the heaviest burden of rising tuition costs and related debt, this panel discusses so proposed solutions to address the crisis of student loan borrowing and default through the racial justics lens. 


2020 Election and Beyond Podcast (on Merrittocracy) 

In this episode, Dr. Greason explains how we should not become solely focused on the upcoming election, but instead see the broader picture and honor the successes of the MOVEMENT. He discusses his experiences as a multi-cultural organizer and lays out a brilliant plan to help save higher education, all while improving the quality of teaching and lowering the cost. 


Black New Jersey in World History (podcast)

In this episode, Dr. Walter D. Greason discusses African Americans in the history of New Jersey.  This show can be listened to on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to your podcasts including on Spotify and Stitcher.  


STL in ATL (Virtual Event)

Featured Speaker

August 3-4

Innovative approaches, authentic applications, and research-based teaching and assessment methods to fully prepare for our current educational landscape. I will be leading two workshops on: 

  • STEAM: UX Design for Elementary Classrooms

  • Equity in College Preparatory Curricula


What's Past is Present

Panel Speaker

August 4 @7:30pm

Join experts on race, segregation and economic justice to learn about housing and racial inequality in our communities and how local history can inform our present racial justice work. 


The ART of Social Justice:

August Wilson & T. Thomas Fortune

Featured Lecturer

August 6 @ 10am

First in a 4- part series of Professional Development Workshops for teachers. I will be speaking on: Sojourners Trail and Afrofuturist Design. 



Sojourner's Trail

 A collaborative, virtual simulation, Sojourner's Trail allows students to explore an infinite variety of spaces and places across the African diaspora.

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