Interdisciplinary scholar, historian, urbanist and economist


I am driven by a passion to ignite change.

I am an educator, a historian, an economist and urbanist all in one. For nearly 30 years, my unique interdisciplinary expertise and reach has connected millions of faculty, students, community leaders and politicians to engage in global conversations about democracy, capitalism, and digital markets. These connections and conversations have sparked movements. They have initiated change.  They have motivated people to take action. And I am continually encouraged by the progress we've made. 

Today, in addition to academic work, I am using my influence, expertise and connections to take action in supporting vulnerable communities. With support from strong relationship from academia and private sector partner alike, I focus on using historic preservation as a means of reinvesting in vulnerable communities. The goal: uplift communities by creating innovative ways to drive growth and opportunity, change policy, all while continually preserving their rich history and diversity of the area. 

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Create sustainable and innovative programs that invest, transform, and uplift vulnerable communities around the world. 

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